Morning trip to the boulangerie

Moissac was our next stop and it was a long stop. It was where we would park the van and return to bricks and mortar and family life for three weeks. The house we had rented was set in the hills outside Moissac, with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. It was peaceful paradise, or at least it was until the family arrived! Martin and Ina joined us in the first week. Martin spent most of the time in the van fixing the satellite, only being let out for meals and to cycle to the local boulangerie to collect the bread and croissants first thing in the morning! At the end of the first week all daughters and partners arrived and with them all the noise and fun required for a family holiday.

Cycling was the main past time (apart from drinking and eating), volleyball in the pool came a close second, even a morning of multi games at the local sports pitch was arranged. The cycling was tough as the area was very hilly and my old legs couldn’t keep up with the younger ones, especially after my electric bike died! The house was lovely and the living area was spacious enough for us all. The large deck was perfect for all our meals as well as a few dances with our pre dinner drinks. Dave’s sister Rhiannon, who is learning the skills of cheesemaker at a nearby farm, would regularly provide us with delicious fresh goat’s cheese and figs. The pool ensured respite from the heat, and the floating bar provided respite from sobriety.

All too soon the three weeks were over and we were climbing back in the van bidding farewell to a large bed, a dishwasher, a dining room and my gorgeous girls!


Old legs and New


The usual family breakfast

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