Pegli – Pizza Heaven


The marble mountains of Carrara



Leaving Relax campsite we were sorry to say goodbye to Michela but, as ever, excited at the thought of the next destination. We filled up with lpg gas which was empty, a testament to the cold temperatures, and topped up with a little petrol but not too much as it is supposed to be much cheaper in Morocco. The journey to Genoa was uneventful apart from the amazing views of the marble quarries of Carrara. Like a glistening white ice in the mountainside the marble rock face was visible for miles.  Genoa is a remarkable city. Stretching thirty kilometres along the coast with the most densely built up areas I have ever seen fringed by azure blue seas.  Tall apartment buildings, nothing less than six floors, vied for space and a sea view. The buildings were a mix of varying styles from modern minimal to grand grotesque. We found Campsite Villa Doria high above the suburb of Pegli, pitched the van and walked into town in search of supper. Finding a tiny local pizzeria, we squeezed into the tightly packed tables, squinted under the bright fluorescent lighting, ignored the tinny music of the kitchen radio, marvelled at the chef twirling the pizza bases high above his head and settled down for one of the best pizzas ever!

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