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Having booked the ferry to Tangiers I discovered the green card required for travel in Morocco from the insurance company could not be sent via email, only by post. As this would not arrive before our ferry departure on Saturday, I postponed the ferry to the following Saturday (29th October) and kept my finger crossed that it would arrive in time. Happily, this means another week in this peaceful paradise. The days before Graeme’s return were spent walking and reading and going on trips with Michela sightseeing or shopping. With an extra week to explore the area, we decided that Graeme would hire a small car at the airport, thus sparing me from having to negotiate the windy, bumpy roads to the airport in the van. On Saturday Michela suggested a lakeside restaurant, La Spagietta about an hour’s drive from the campsite. The sun was shining and the roads, as ever, were windy and narrow and the views incredible. Fish was the speciality of the day and after eating an amazing ten (!!) types of fish, rounded off with sorbet we felt a walk around the lake was much needed.

On Monday morning, to much relief the green card arrived! To celebrate, Graeme cooked his speciality of fish pasta dish for lunch for myself, Michela and her husband. It was one of his best but unfortunately Michela’s husband, Alberto, does not like pasta! Seems rather a disadvantage living in Italy.

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