About Our trip

With six cheadinghildren between us we knew we would never entertain the thought of a ‘shared’ child but even best laid plans can go awry and after much discussion throughout summer 2015 we agreed on a substitute joint offspring, a union of bank accounts if not bodily fluids. On Thurday 1st October 2015 we took ownership of an Autotrail Apache 632 Motorhome. The delivery was less painful than the 3,500kgs would suggest and in a change to the norm Graeme managed the delivery on his own, catching the train to Felixstow where the motorhome was residing with the lovely Mark and his partner. Graeme arrived home that evening happy, tired and considerably poorer. The drive at the front of the house had been cleared and prepared for the homecoming. The little addition’s 6.9mtr frame fitted perfectly in front of the house where we were able to cosset, alter and prepare for the European Tour, which would hopefully begin in April 2016

Having bought the van freed up a lot of my time. No longer  the daily scanning of autotrader, ebay or the numerous motorhome dealers for a suitable van. We now had six months to plan and prepare for our trip which seemed lots of time but with  work, preparing the house for letting, Christmas and other commitments, the time actually spent preparing was minimal.  There were vague discussions of an itinerary and what things we could add to the van to make it fit for a home for a year. The latter usually coincided with a visit from Martin who could always make our practical wishes a reality. Before leaving we had fitted a solar panel, usb sockets, Wi-Fi, dvd (in the bedroom!), two shoe drawers!!  and generally made the storage space more effective. As we had plenty of camping equipment the cupboards were soon full of melamine and Perspex glasses, lamps, electrical cables, hosepipes and bungees galore.

The rental agency had found a tenant to rent the house for 15 months starting 10th April which was very good news for us especially as it meant we had to stay with our lovely friend Jude before leaving Oxford. For a week we blocked Ju’s entrance hall, spare room and other spaces with clothes, bags, and general detritus, bringing more in each day before we finally left her in peace.


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