The Chestnut Harvest

img_2768 img_2767Relax campsite is full of chestnut trees and it being the season, hundreds of prickly pods litter every square inch of the ground. Alberto, the site manager, has been busy collecting and sweeping but the persistent little shuckers continue to fall covering the paths and grass. It has been a good year for chestnuts this meant the tables at the campsite’s Annual Chestnut Lunch, on Sunday, were laden with succulent, freshly roasted chestnuts. Sixty-five of the campsites loyal customers gathered for a traditional lunch of tortelloni followed by roast rabbit served with local wines and rounded off with a multo forte espresso. As it was my second Sunday lunch on the campsite I was welcomed like a long-lost friend with lots of kissing and, what I think (hope) were, affectionate greetings. In the meantime Graeme’s height was causing quite a stir and comment.  We were invited to meet the man responsible for roasting the chestnuts in a revolving metal basket over an open fire. A delicious aroma of roasting chestnuts filled the air After all the attempts to communicate, hand gestures and misinterpretations through lunch we wandered back to the van to do as the campsite name instructs, Relax!

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