Pian del Voglio

img_2730 img_2705-2High in the Emilian Apennines halfway between Florence and Bologna sits the pretty hillside village of Pian del Voglio. The drive from Bologna airport was beautiful, the satnav was on best behaviour and apart from having to get out to walk around to the passenger’s side at the road toll the journey passed uneventfully. The roads to the village narrowed considerably on leaving the autostrada becoming both steep and twisty in parts at about the same time the van seemed to become wider and longer. As I ascended through the morning mist sun rays pierced the clouds revealing stunning views over the valleys. The campsite, called ‘Relax’ (and you really do!) was most  welcoming. Entering the reception, which doubles as a bar/café with a roaring wood burning stove, I was greeted by a cheery group of Italians drinking coffee, talking fast and loud and Michela, who runs the campsite. I think she was rather surprised I was on my own, and taking me under her wing she made me as relaxed as possible. At Michela’s suggestion, I joined the Sunday lunch party of happy Italian campers. The food was simple but very tasty, served to two long dining tables. Everyone was so friendly but with nobody speaking English and me limited to buona sera and ciao we had to rely on google translate, a few drawings on the napkins and lots of smiingfor communication.

The village is a ten-minute walk from the campsite and the views along the way are stunning. Graeme is due back on Wednesday and I will bring him back to this delightful idyll for a couple of days R&R before we leave for Genoa and a ferry to Tangiers.

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