mosaic_of_justinianus_i_-_basilica_san_vitale_ravennaAfter two days of sightseeing in Bologna, Sophie and I decided to explore the delights and famous mosaics of Ravenna. We arrived in a campervan carpark on the edge of Ravenna where there were a few other vans and more importantly, clean toilets! Leaving the van, we set off on our bikes to find the amazing Ravenna mosaics. And amazing they are! Dating back to the 5th century the colours and detail of the mosaics are dazzling. We visited four sites and each one a treasure; the Basilica of San Vitale being the most remarkable. The simplicity of the church architecture and the clarity and intricate designs of the mosaics are exceptional.  Ravenna is a bustling town so after the mosaics we wandered around finally,  to shelter from the rain, stopping at a local bar in one of the town squares where we drank spritz and ‘interneted’ for an hour or two.img_2664

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