St Mary’s Church

Leaving our dodgy campervan park our next stop was Würzberg where we found ourselves another campervan site but this time a much cleaner, quieter site overlooking the River Main. Würzberg is a beautiful German town with many wonderful buildings and works of art including the lavish 18th-century baroque Residenz Palace and several scupltures by the German artist Tilman Riemenschneider, who lived in Würzberg.  This is one of the many post war reconstructed cities and it has rekindled its magic, civilised atmosphere after having been almost totally destroyed by a bombing raid in the last month of the war lasting no more than 20 minutes.

We commenced our visit on the first evening by joining the crowds on the ancient pedestrian bridge over the River Main, where hundreds were enjoying a glass or two of chilled white wine– the only prerequisite being the deposit on the wine glass. With only a day to sightsee we made this our ‘must do’ sight and after a couple of churches, coffee bar and an apple strudel we headed to the Palace. Unfortunately, on the way I managed to cycle my front wheel into one of the many tramlines that crisscross the town with painful results. I was shaken and bruised but the handlebar on my ‘recently


Tilman Riemenschnider – Madonna and Child

fixed’ bike was completely bent! A very helpful passer by was able to straighten the bars enough for me to cycle on but I knew it meant more repairs. Feeling very sorry for myself I decided against the Palace visit and limped back to the van.


The Residenz Palace

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