The Lofoten Isles

DSCF3577DSCF3573After crossing the arctic circle, we headed up to the town of Bodo to catch the ferry to the Lofoten Islands. Visiting the Lofotens was another ‘must do in Norway’ along with Pulpits Rock and sailing the fjords. From the ferry the Lofotens Islands appear a wall of snow-capped, huge, jagged peaks. This archipelago stretches 70 miles, linked by impressive bridges and ferries. The route across the islands has been described as the most outstanding in Norway. The coast line has sandy beaches, rocks and beautiful fishing villages with small wooden houses mostly painted red. These islands, largely unspoilt by tourism, provided us with a very peaceful five day sojourn as well as much to see and do. The ferry dis-embarks at the island of Moskensoya and the moment you roll off the ferry the overwhelming scenery confronts you; the height and shape of the mountains to the size of the land was awesome. After leaving the ferry we drove until we found a beachside spot we could stay for the night. Every corner and bend revealed more and more wonderful landscape. It was 10pm before we parked for the night yet it was still very light that it felt like midday, we cooked supper, opened a bottle of wine and marvelled at the views.

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